Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belle Mead Photos

I took a drive over to Belle Meade to look at the section of track Claude is looking to model. Here are my photos of the stations and overpass.

Track is in good condition and looks well used. The station has seen better days...

Building across from station...old freight house?

Mike Mc.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

sky blue yellow


Never used any kind of blog before, so please help me out :-)

I do not like rules, but can live with guidelines, such as....

Module paint color. I do NOT like 'southwest desert sand' for our lush green northeast. I happen to use a dark green, but can change to any reasonable color.
Ballast color
Tie color - I use 'roof brown' and paint the rails a rust color


any interest in PRSL? I'm a confirmed Reading fan (20+ yr member RCT&HS)
any interest in marine railroading? waterfront module?
how do I post pics of my modules, legs, leg pockets, etc?