Thursday, April 2, 2009

sky blue yellow


Never used any kind of blog before, so please help me out :-)

I do not like rules, but can live with guidelines, such as....

Module paint color. I do NOT like 'southwest desert sand' for our lush green northeast. I happen to use a dark green, but can change to any reasonable color.
Ballast color
Tie color - I use 'roof brown' and paint the rails a rust color


any interest in PRSL? I'm a confirmed Reading fan (20+ yr member RCT&HS)
any interest in marine railroading? waterfront module?
how do I post pics of my modules, legs, leg pockets, etc?


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  1. You can add pictures when you make your post. Look at the buttons above your message as you compose. There might also be a tutorial somewhere here on Blogspot.

    I'd say make the sides whatever you want color-wise. The standards S6.2 only mention to use something that does not detract from the modeling. In pictures I've seen of set-ups, if it is a public show, a skirting can be used and that covers the sides anyway.

    Tie and rail color sounds correct based on the Free-Mo standards S6.5. Ballast is also in the standards, S6.4, Woodland Scenics light gray for the main. Otherwise, I think you are free to vary based on track usage.

    PR-SL, marine, it is all good for module topics. I think the that is where Free-Mo excels, being able to have differing subjects work together to set up an operating layout.