Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first Module


I'm excited to get started, so that we can get together. For my first module, I want to model the Belle Mead, NJ area. The line used to be double tracked, but now only single. It is a CSX mainline through this area. I drew up my idea, see below. I need to get it to wherever the meet is, so it has to fit inside my van. Hence, I'll limit it to 7' long. Take a look:

Here is a satelite view:

The spur leads to a mill (now it's called Belle Mead Coop). The tracks are now gone, but the loading doors are still visible on the buildings, and as you can see, it's curved (more noticable when zoomed in). At the far end of the module, just to the right of the overpass is an old, forgotten and dilapidated station. The rest of the module is filled with trees and a couple houses. Except for the overpass, the rest of the module will be pretty flat.

Let me know your comments. I think this won't be too difficult, or intricate, to build. Looking further into the future, I have an idea for an interchange module, essentially an "X" shape. That'll be more difficult, but would add some fun during operations. More later.


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  1. Claude,

    Looks good. An industry to serve, some buildings and roadway and scenery. Should be a good starting point and provide you plenty to work on in the coming months.