Friday, March 20, 2009

Mike's Calais Module Set

I have started construction on a set of Free-mo modules based on the track plan in Calais, ME, on the Maine Central, circa 1980. This will be a 2 module set to contain the yard, passing track, enginehouse, freight depot and other industry. These are not rectangular modules. Module 1 is 21" at each end and 53" on one side and 58" on the other side. Module 2 is 21" at one end and 24" at the other end, with sides measuring 58" and 59". This gives the modules a slight curve. I will need to build a transition piece for the 21" end to come back out to the Free-mo standard 24" end plate.

In this first photo I am test fitting the track onto the sections to see how it will align. This was prior to finalizing the dimensions of module 2.

After the top pieces were cut, I test fit them into the car. I had already done careful measuring to ensure they would both fit, but you never know. Luckily all fit well and I then moved onto assembling the end plates, sides and support pieces. I still need to determine what I will use for legs.

(Mike McNamara)

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